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About Us

Samba is new in the market, with the aim of showing the strength that Brazil has. Negotiations of quality and national and international professionalism guaranteed. We have been operating in the market since 2016, and we already have satisfied customers in more than 3 countries, which are not only buyers, but also partners. Samba does not stop growing and developing products and commercial relations intensively, always maintaining professionalism and creating a bond of trust between us and the customer.

The sky is not the limit!

The Samba Brazilian Group already distributes to the whole world, counting on all type of transport (moth and air), and for us the sky is not the limit.

The best logistic team

Without doubt, at Samba we have the best logistics in the international export market, thus ensuring that the cargo arrives in perfect conditions to its destination, so that it is marketed in the best way, keeping our partnership healthy and without future problems.

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Your contact is very important to us, it is a great step to a great negotiation or partnership.